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VAL73105 £3.25
Vallejo Pigments - Natural Sienna
Vallejo Pigments - Natural Sienna

Pigments are used for weathering and ageing the finish of vehicles, armour, fortifications and structures; they are ideal for creating the effects of accumulated dust, mud, dirt and smoke produced by time and natural erosion. The pigments chosen for this range are all earth and iron oxides, especially suitable for all the different climatic and geographical conditions of the terrain of a diorama. They are pigments which are employed in the manufacture of Vallejo colours, and have been especially processed and micronized so that they are very easily dispersed in any liquid medium, from water to acrylic resins or turpentine.
To adhere the pigment to the surface of the model Matte Medium is used, or Glaze Medium which dries more slowly and allows more time to simulate water and snow run-offs and to move the pigment into and around the details of the model.
Many other special effects can be obtained by mixing pigments with the products in the Water & Stone range as for example with Transparent Water to achieve effects of oil and grease stains, or Sandy Paste to create a rough, coarse surface for heavy dried mud or flaking deep rust.

Earth and Iron Oxide pigments are not toxic, but to avoid accidental spillage they are presented with a childproof top. In 30 ml. pots (weight from 17-39 grams, according to pigment).

This product was released on Thursday 04 June, 2009.

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Additional Information

Pigments are very finely ground to give you something similar to a coloured dust. They are designed to be used for finishing your models and are especially useful for weathering your models. This used to be done only by military modellers but recently many railway modellers have decided that weathering their locos is the proper thing to do so they are now proving popular among railway modellers.

There are many ways to use your pigments but the main options are to drybrush on to your finished model, to mix to a paste with thinners or to mix with acrylic resin to create a mud effect and raised textures.

Manufacturer Information

Acrylicos Vallejo are a Spanish company who specialise in the manufacture of water based acrylic paints for artists and for modellers. Model Color is a range with 208 different colours and is non-toxic and non-flammable. In our opinion it is the best range of modelling paint on the market today and is complimented by Model Air which is a range of pre thinned air brush colours. Model Air has 97 different colours and with its extra finely ground pigments it is steadily growing in popularity amongst airbrush users. Vallejo also produce three ranges of brushes include a high quality range of Kolinsky Sable, as well as spray primers and varnishes and a new range of stone and water effects resin based products ideal for building your own diorama bases.

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